Bull Super High Gloss Enamel

High solid content enamel for interior and exterior

High-quality alkyd resin formulated enamel provides high solid content, greater area coverage, glossy film, fast drying, weather resistance, fungi resistance, and lead & mercury-free. It is user-friendly, safe for residents, and cost-saving. It is suitable for interior and exterior—metal, wood, and decoration on doors, windows, furniture, etc. 

Product Category: Decorative Paints,Metal Coatings
Brand: BULL
SKU: Gallons
Tags: Bull, กระทิง


Economy-grade high solid content gloss enamel
Film Type Gloss
Application Area 45-55 sq.m/gallon/coat

  • High solid content, suitable for metal and wood surfaces such as doors, windows, fences, furniture, etc.
  • Good adhesion power, non-peeling, vivid glossy film
  • All weather resistance, fungi resistance
  • No lead and mercury added, resident-friendly
  • Cost-saving


Direction of Use

Step 1 Surface Preparation

New Concrete:

The surface should be dry completely without dirt, dust, or grease.  Moisture should be less than 14%. 

Old Concrete:  

Remove old paint film. Eliminate fungi with Beger Mouldfree M-001. Seal cracks in the surface with Beger Acrylic Filler F-200.


Step 2 Priming 

Metal Surfaces:

Apply Bull Red Oxide Primer KP024 or Grey Primer KP040 for 1 coat. 

Wood Surfaces:

Apply Bull Fungus Resisting Wood Primer KP600 for 1 coat.


Step 3 Topcoating

Apply Bull Super Gloss Enamel for 2 coats. Allow 8-16 hours for each coat to dry before recoating.


Tips & Solutions

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