We, Beger Group Co., Ltd., the innovation-leadership paints company that have long been renowned in consumers’ recognition in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The Company is expert in decorative paint and wood care products with a committed core values of Eco-Wellness Innovation. We are striving to create innovations that care for well-being and ecological-friendly for better quality of life.

From the beginning of 1961 as a producer and distributor of wood preservative products, Beger Unithane B-52, to a decorative paint producer under the slogan “Eco-Wellness Innovation”, we are committed to continue developing paint innovation by combining quality and excellent technology into all product groups. While concerning the environment is our priority, caring about the quality of life of Thai people and focusing on social responsibilities activities together with business operations.

It has been over half a century leading to today’s success, “Beger” has become a Thai paint company that captures consumers’ mind with the policy to operate a business that keep moving forward. At present, we continue developing and creating innovations that are outstanding, unique and sustainable, delivered to customers through all product groups.

5 Product Categories

Producing Innovative Paint

Beger Group controls our production under modern computer systems with a capacity of 40-50 million liters per year. We focus on the development of production processes while paying attention to the environment such as implementing wastewater management systems or other production systems that do not adversely affect the community and environment. With a large warehouse and efficient distribution process, the Beger Group has truly become the leader in paint innovation that cares for the earth and you.

Services and Solutions

Beger Color Design Centers over 1,500 locations throughout Thailand have the capacity to mix more than 1,200 colors using Beger’s modern technology of automatic tinting machine. Paint selection has become more convenient to purchase with over 4,000 distributors nationwide.

Color Design Service offers free color design by a team of professional interior designers. You can simply send us an image of your house with the desired tone or shade and the paint at your own style will be delivered within 7 business days.

Technician Team and Smart Solution providing pre-sales and after-sales service

  1. Color consulting service before making a decision
  2. Hotline service for color consultation via Call Center
  3. After-sales service both onsite and offsite by an expert team of engineers and technicians
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