Ben-Tone Plus 2IN1 Primer

2IN1 primer for exterior and interior | New Concrete and Concrete with Good Condition

2IN1 primer with a special acrylic is designed to enhance adhesion between concrete and top coat as well as resist fungi, algae, and alkali. It is suitable for unpainted concrete and painted concrete in good condition and free from lead and mercury, allowing the user and resident friendly.


2IN1 primer for new concrete and old concrete in good condition
Film Type White Matt
Application Area 35-40 sq.m/gallon/coat

  • Suitable for new concrete and old concrete with a good condition like peeling or blistering 
  • White film with great hiding performance
  • Alkali and efflorescence resistance
  • Fungi and algae resistance
  • No lead and mercury added, safe for users


Direction of Use

Step 1 Surface Preparation 

New Surface: 

Completely dry the surface for at least 1 month. Moisture should be less than 14%. Then, clean and remove dust and stain on the surface.  

Old Surface: 

If the surface has problems such as degeneration, peeling, cracking, chalking, fungi, or algae, it should be fixed before painting.    

- For peeling, fading, blistering, powdery, and chalking surfaces, scrub and thoroughly clean the old paint film.

- For fungus and algae, clean the surface, apply Beger Mould Free M-001 for 1 coat, and leave it to dry for 1 day without washing.

- For the crack width maximum of 1 mm., apply Beger Acrylic Filler F-200.

- For the crack width of 2-10 mm., apply Beger Acrylic Sealant F-001.


Step 2 Applying Primer 

Apply Ben-Tone PLUS 2IN1 Primer for 1 coat. Leave it to dry for at least 2 hours before top coating. The surfaces should be completely dry for at least 1 month, and moisture should be less than 14%.


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No Mucury No Lead Added

ไม่ผสมสารปรอท และสารตะกั่ว


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