Lucky Colors for Home Both Exterior and Interior From Color BeYours

สีบ้านโชคดี 2023

According to ancient Chinese beliefs, color relates to our luck. It believes that choosing the right home color help to magnetic luck and happiness for residents.

In this article, Beger will tell you about Feng Shui—a belief in balancing buildings, objects, and environments in 8 directions, including north, south, east, west, northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest, to bring peace and prosperity—combined with color trends 2023. Let's seek the right color for each direction together!


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Homes in the north direction

The north relates to the water element, so the color of the north is blue or dark blue. If you wish for money and job promotion, choose blue tones like Deep Dark Shadow 030-6 for your home.

สีบ้านมงคล ทิศเหนือติดเทรนด์


Homes in the south direction

Because the south is hot like a fire, the warm tones such as red, orange, yellow, or peach—Juicy Peach 182-4—are suitable for homes in this direction. These colors enhance reputation and success in life.

สีบ้านมงคล ทิศใต้ติดเทรนด์


Homes in the east direction

Homes in the east direction are suitable for yellow, which means money in Chinese belief. So, if you need to get wealthy, choose yellow tones like Summer Heat 086-4 for your home now!


Homes in the northeast and southeast directions

The earth element, which means fixing problems and obstacles, connects to the northeast direction. Homes in this direction should apply yellow or brown tones like Summer Heat 086-4 or Barrington Brown 186-4. For homes in the southeast direction, it connects to the wood element, which means wealth and prosperity. So, consider green tones for your home, like an earthy tone Up to Date 148-6.




Homes in the west direction 

Everyone hopes for good luck. Recommended colors for attracting luck include white or cream, such as Jamila 158-1 - the color of the year 2023 from Beger. The next option is Super White GW-8800, which not only provides a clean appearance but can also help keep your home cool and reflect heat.


Homes in the northwest and southwest directions

The gold element, which represents a healthy relationship with supporters, is associated with certain compass directions. The recommended color for this element is Super White GW-8800, which is also the color of the west direction. This color enhances the coolness of your home, provides heat reflection, and creates a clean, polished look.


สีบ้านมงคล ทิศตะวันตกติดเทรนด์


Tips for best luck all year :

If you're looking to ensure good luck for a long time to come, choosing the right paint for your home is key. BegerCool DiamondShield 15 is an excellent option, as it offers all-weather resistance, a colorful home appearance, and long-lasting protection that can keep your home looking great for over 15 years.


สีบ้านมงคล เทรนด์สี โชคดี


New painting is like welcoming new things into life. If you choose the right color for your home, you may have a chance to receive good things. All recommended colors are suitable for all genders and ages, regardless of the old or new year, helping to support good luck for everyone in the home.

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