The Spectacular Promotion of the Year, Shop for Beger Wood Coatings, Exclusively at the Bangpo Wood Street From February 4th to 12th

Bangkok Design Week: BANGPHO WOOD STREET, one of the country's largest wood trade centers, this event is a must-visit for wood enthusiasts. Inside the event, there will be showcases of various woodwork designs in different styles. There will be stores offering a wide range of wood products, including processed wood products, wooden furniture, decorative items, and wood coatings, all available at special prices. Additionally, there will be workshops where participants can unleash their creativity by crafting unique items from leftover wood materials to create memorable souvenirs.

Certainly, there is no way that Beger, the King of Woodwork, would miss such an event. We have prepared our exceptional wood coating products, including wood coatings, urethane coatings, lacquers, and various wood preservation products for all your needs. Whether it's for walls, floors, or wooden furniture, you can find everything you need for wood care.


Wood Coating Products for Walls

It is suited for vertical woodwork such as walls, panels, door frames, doors, windows, eaves, gables, laths, or fences.

Beger WoodStain

Beger WoodStain Supreme
Gloss Finish

Beger WoodStain Supreme
Semi Gloss

Beger WoodStain Supreme
Clear Coat


Wood Coating Products for Floors

It is suitable for all types of wooden floors, including exterior and interior floors, staircases, and furniture.

Beger Polyurethane 1K
Supreme Outdoor
(Applicable on furniture!)

Beger Unithane B-52
(U-202 and U-404)

Beger Polyurethane
2K Supreme

Beger B-5000
Polyurethane 2K


Wood Coating Products for Wooden Furniture

It is suited for various wooden furniture such as dining tables, work tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, or other wooden furniture. There are two types of film available for you: transparent and opaque.


Beger Industrial Lacquer

Beger Clear Gloss Lacquer

BegerShield GRIPTECH 2 IN 1

Beger BULL Rust Tech 2 IN 1


Other Wood Coatings & Wood Care Products

To ensure the long-lasting durability of your woodwork, it is recommended to apply wood coatings along with wood care products, particularly termite killers for effective control of termites, moths, and wood-boring insects. 

Beger Industrial Lacquer

Beger Clear Gloss Lacquer

BegerShield GRIPTECH 2 IN 1

BULL Thinner AAA


The grand woodwork event, like never in the past 15 years, is now ready for you to enjoy a satisfying shopping experience. From February 4th to 12th, you can indulge in incredible deals with discounts of up to 50%*. 


*Only for promotional products and participating stores. The terms and conditions are as specified by the company.
The participating stores: Chaicharoen Hardware 88 | To.Yingcharoen 1991 | Taiheng Furniture | PT Homepaint | Suphan Hardware | SP Machinary | Suwit Karnka (Bangpo) | SKC Home Center

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