Beger Rust Guard

Universal rust stopper primer for ferrous & non-ferrous metal surface

Ultimate rust-stopper technology! The epoxy 2K primer for ferrous and non-ferrous comes with high-quality anti-rust substances, providing a rust stop and resistance to chemicals, heavy weather, scrubbing, and impact. 

Product Category: Heavy Duty Coatings (Protective Coatings)
Brand: Beger
SKU: 1 GL.
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Universal rust stopper primer for ferrous & non-ferrous metal surface
Available colors:
7 shades

  • Rust stopper on all metal surfaces, paintable on rust surfaces
  • Greater protection with highly thick film and solid content
  • Strong and flexible film, resistance to chemicals, heavy weather, scrubbing, and impact
  • Applicable on glossy metal surfaces without wash primer.
  • Primer and top coat in one for interior use 
  • Cost-saving and reducing surface preparations by using just sandpaper
  • Overpainting on old paint with no need for peeling
  • Usable with all topcoat systems such as polyurethane, epoxy, and water-based or solvent-based paint
  • 10 years durability   


Ultimate durability and protection from Beger Rust Guard offer high bonding on the surface, deep penetration into the metal structure, and a 100% rust stopper. It is available in 7 colors for various types of work.


Direction of Use

Step 1 Surface Preparation

Bared Surface:

  • For steels, sand with sandpaper to prepare the surface and enhance bonding, and then remove all dust, dirt, and grease.
  • For metals such as galvanized, aluminum, zinc, and stainless, sand with sandpaper to enhance bonding and then clean the surface with thinner.


Old Painted Surface:

Scrub off old painted and peeling film and then sand with sandpaper or wire brush to remove all dirt. 


Step 2 Priming

Apply Beger Rust Guard for 1-2 coats.


Step 3 Top Coating 

  • For interior areas requiring highly durable and various colors, apply Beger DuraGuard (Epoxy 2K) for 1-2 coats or apply Beger Rust Guard as a top coat.
  • For exterior areas requiring highly durable and UV resistance, apply Beger Durathane (PU 2K) for 1-2 coats.
  • For interior and exterior areas requiring standard durable and various colors, apply solvent-based BegerShield for 1-2 coats. 


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