Beger Flexi Cool Primer B-2800

Elastomeric water-based primer for exterior and interior | New and Old Concrete

Beger's multi-purpose flexible primer offers excellent coverage for hairline cracks. Featuring Microsphere Ceramic technology, this primer reflects solar heat and enhances the heat protection of decorative paints, keeping your home cool. Plus, it's TISI certified for your safety.


Multi-purpose flexible primer 3 in 1
Film Type White
Application Area 25-35 sq.m./gallon/coat

  • Excellent hairline crack coverage.
  • Solar heat protection with Microsphere Ceramic technology.
  • Great hiding performance with white films. 
  • Water leakage protection with Moisture Free & Dry Wall technology. 
  • Reducing surface problems like blistering and peeling. 
  • Fungi and algae resistance.
  • Suitable for new concrete and old painted concrete in good condition.


Direction of Use

Step 1 Surface Preparation 

Remove all dirt, peeling, and chalking. Eliminate fungi with bleach, clean and leave it to dry, and apply Beger Mouldfree M-001. Fill with Beger Acrylic Filler F-200 for the crack width < 0.3 mm. or Beger Acrylic Sealent for the crack width > 0.3  mm., and clean the crack before painting.


Step 2 Applying Primer 

Apply Beger Flexi Cool Primer B-2800 for 1-2 coats.


Step 3 Painting

Apply 100% acrylic paint from Beger for 2 coats and repeat the process after the 1st coat dries for 2 hours.


Tips & Solutions

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All about primer,

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