BegerShield Easy Clean & Care

100% acrylic emulsion paint for interior | Semi-gloss

Premium interior paint with Ultra Clean & Durable technology offers a strong coating film that is easy to wash and scrub up to 300,000 times*. Proven by LEED v4.1 and WELL v2, the standard for green building, BegerShield Easy Clean & Care keeps healthy air rooms, a low odor, and nearly zero VOCs friendly for everyone and the environment. Also, Silver Ion technology provides antivirus and bacteria** on the wall like Coronavirus, Enterovirus 71, H1N1, H5N1, and more than 32 main species of bacteria causing respiratory conditions.

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Brand: BegerShield
SKU: 3.5 L., 9 L.
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Premium grade 100% acrylic interior paint long lasting 10 years
Film Type Semi-Gloss and Sheen
Application Area 31 - 38 sq.m./gallon/coat
Support Color design auto-tinting machine

  • Easy washable and scrub resistance up to 300,000 times* by Ultra Clean & Durable technology.
  • Wipe away the dirt on the wall effectively with Stain Removal technology. 
  • Low odor and nearly zero VOCs or harmful formaldehyde-free, certified by LEED V.4.1 and WELL V.2.
  • Prevent microbes on the wall like viruses, fungi, and bacteria up to 99.9%** by Silver Ion technology.

* Scrub abrasion and washability test by Beger Laboratory.
**Tested under the standard of government virus and bacterial laboratory.

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Direction of Use

Step 1 Surface Preparation

New Surface :
The substrate must be completely cured and dried for at least 1 month. Measure moisture which should be less than 14%. Remove all dirt, grease, oil, or any contamination completely by washing the surface with a suitable cleaner.

Old Surface (or Repainting):
Any surface problems should be repaired before applying. Clean the surface after fixing the problems. 

  • Powdery, chalky, and peeling surfaces must be scrubbed and cleaned with water. 
  • Fungus and mildew growth must be cleaned off before applying Beger Mould Free M-001. Left to dry for a day without washing off.
  • For the crack width < 1 mm., apply with Beger Acrylic Filler F-200. 
  • For the crack width between 2-10 mm., apply with Beger Acrylic Sealant F-100. 

Step 2 Applying Primer

New Surface:

The substrate must be completely cured and dried for at least 1 month. Measure moisture which should be less than 14%. Apply new surface primer Beger Pro 100 or BegerCool Primer #5000 or #6000 for 1 coat. Left to dry for 1-2 hrs then coat with interior or exterior paint.

Old Surface :
Apply old surface primer Beger B-1500 B-1700 or B-2500 for 1 coat. Left to dry for 1-2 hrs then coat with interior or exterior paint.

Old and New Surface:

For any kind of surface with moisture between 14-25% and dry for at least 2 days. Applying Beger water rain quick B-2900 - High moisture resistant multipurpose primer 1 coat. Left to dry for 2 hrs.

Step 3 Painting

Dilute with water for 5-10%. Apply interior decorative 100% acrylic paint 2-3 coats. Be sure to wait about 2-3 hours between coats to give the fresh paint time to dry. Leave the paint completely dry overnight.

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LEED V.4.1

ผ่านการรับรอง ตามมาตรฐาน LEED v4.1 เรื่องการปล่อยสารระเหยที่เป็นอันตราย (VOCs) จากสถาบัน Eurofin ประเทศเดนมาร์ก


WELL Building Standard v2

ผ่านการรับรองเกี่ยวกับการปล่อยสารพิษตามมาตรฐาน WELL Building Standard V2 จากสถาบัน Eurofin ประเทศเดนมาร์ก


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มอก. 2321-2564



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