The Latest Home Cool Color Ideas Are Here for Double Cooling Home

Besides the popular white paint, cool colors are one of the interesting shades and become more popular these days because of their benefits on a calm and relaxed atmosphere, a comfortable look, and a cooling home when applied with insulating paint.

They are colors that consist of blue shades. For example, light blue is a mix of blue and white, green is a mix of blue and yellow, and purple is a mix of blue and red. Beger offers a collection of 36 recommended cool colors that can serve as inspiration for your room renovations. Let's take a look!


Shades of Blue


Naturally, blue is the color of the clear sky or the reflection of the sky on a river, creating a calm atmosphere in your room. To get a balanced combination of colors, styles, and ideas, it is recommended to choose shades of blue that are not overly vibrant, such as Gull Lake 027-4 or Secret of The Sea 026-4, which are blues blended with gray.

ทาสีบ้านโทนเย็นสีฟ้า ภายนอก




Shades of Green



Green gives a sense of nature and creates a cool and pleasant ambiance to your home, even without trees. If you prefer a more subdued green, you can opt for earthy shades such as Island House 154-3 or Artistos 147-2. These colors provide a natural and calming effect to your home.


ทาสีบ้านโทนเย็นสีเขียว ภายนอก



If you need to pair green with other colors, it is recommended to choose shades of gray, light gray, or blue-gray, such as Smooth Waves 138-3.


Shades of Purple


The final cool color is purple. Since it can be both warm and cool colors, you should be careful when using it in your design. However, designers often prefer blue-purple shades, such as Siberian Iris 010-4 or Dusty Plum 006-5, more frequently than other purple shades.

ทาสีบ้านโทนเย็นสีม่วง ภายนอก

For those who desire a more energetic or lively room, vibrant shades of purple such as Violet Eyes 010-5 are recommended.



At last, using insulation paints, such as BegerCool paint, is another effective way to cool your home. This paint offers several benefits, including UV reflection and protection for up to 97.2% with Ceramic Cooling Technology.


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