BegerCool Paints and How Do the Paints Save the World

การทาสี ลดโลกร้อนได้อย่างไร


Global warming is the no.1 environmental problem that you may gradually solve in a dozen ways such as decreasing plastic bags usage or using eco-friendly products. Painting is one of the solutions(1), but you should choose the paint with eco-friendly and high reflection properties.

Not every general paint has these properties, so you may have no idea what types of paint you should buy. This article has answers for you and help you get to know more about BegerCool.


Why BegerCool paints help reduce global warming?

1. No negative environmental impacts

Many people do not know that paint productions use a ton of electricity. This type of energy is generated by natural gas or coal, leading to extreme greenhouse gas emissions. If we use clean energy like solar energy instead of that energy, impacts from emissions would be reduced.




Because BegerCool takes this issue seriously, we use clean energy from solar panels and bio-based compounds instead of petroleum to produce eco-friendly paints with less emission.


2. No VOCs and greenhouse gas emissions

Chemicals in additives may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which transfer to greenhouse gas after interacting with solar(2). These VOCs cause climate change and affect your health. By the way, BegerCool is different because our paints have low VOCs and odor guaranteed by environmental institutes and associations. The feature of BegerCool saves both everybody and the world.


ทาสีที่ Low VOCs ปลอดภัย

เบเยอร์คูล ออลพลัส สีรักษ์โลก หยุดโลกร้อน

เบเยอร์คูล ไดมอนด์ชิลด์ 15 สีรักษ์โลก หยุดโลกร้อน

3. Heat reflection for cooler home and cooler world

Normally, the wall absorbs solar heat during the day and ejects it at night. This process leads to heat accumulation in the atmosphere, causing an urban heat island (UHI), which increases temperatures and occurs inclement weather.




However, Ceramic Cooling Technology developed by BegerCool can help reflect solar heat up to 97.2%(4). Heat protection reduces the impacts of UHI and cools your home, making less power loss and more energy-saving costs guaranteed by label no.5 certification.    


4. A paint bucket reuse, waste reduction

Do you know? Paint buckets of BegerCool can be washable and reused, for example, keeping stuff, making a plant pot, making a desk and chair, or delivering to recycled furniture shops. Thus, do not forget to try these options after finishing the wall painting.


What types of paint is environmentally friendly?

In fact, a trick to determining what types of paint are eco-friendly is the green label guaranteed by Thailand environment institute. This label appears on the paint buckets, product catalogs, or data sheets, proofing that paint passes the VOCs criteria and has no heavy metals like lead or mercury.


ฉลากเขียว ในสีทาบ้านเป็นมิตรต่อสิ่งแวดล้อม


Painting may not reduce global warming quickly, but this is an easy way that everyone can do it. Thus, do not forget to choose eco-friendly paints for your home, like BegerCool, the best option for saving the world. 


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