Beger Alkali Resisting Primer B-11050

Alkali-resisting water-based primer for exterior and interior | New Concrete

Primer for new concrete provides super alkali resistance, weathering resistance, excellent adhesion, and surface protection from peeling or blistering. It is suitable for both the exterior and interior.


Alkali-resisting water-based primer 
Film Type White Matt
Application Area 35-40 sq.m./gallon/coat

  • High alkali and moisture resistance.
  • Suitable for exterior and interior.
  • Excellent topcoat adhesion.
  • Improvable surface problems like peeling or chalking.
  • Easy to use with more coverage area and smooth film.
  • Low odor and VOCs.
  • Fungi and algae resistance.


Direction of Use

Step 1 Surface Preparation 

Remove all dirt, peeling, and chalking. Eliminate fungi with bleach, clean and leave it to dry, and apply Beger Mouldfree M-001. Fill with Beger Acrylic Filler F-200 for the crack width < 0.3 mm. or Beger Acrylic Sealent for the crack width > 0.3  mm., and clean the crack before painting.


Step 2 Applying Primer 

Apply Beger Akali Resisting Primer B-11050 for 1 coat.


Step 3 Painting

Apply 100% acrylic paint from Beger like Synotex SuperClean for 2 coats.


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