High-quality and elasticity sealant for hairline to large crack and connection joints

A high-quality and elastic sealant is developed for hairline to large cracks and connection joints such as wooden jambs,  fulling and installing door and window frames, installation of build-in furniture, and fulfilling wall-to-floor tiles joints, including porous surfaces that do not need a primer. It also can be used with various substrates such as wood, ceramic, concrete, masonry, fiber cement, and more. It suitably uses for exterior and interior.

Product Category: Construction Chemicals
SKU: 280 ml.
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High-quality and elastic acrylic sealant 
Film Type

  • High flexibility, great crack coverage
  • Fast drying, excellent adhesion
  • Non-yellowing film
  • Low VOCs under the RoHS standard
  • Low odor
  • Suitable for small to large cracks, connection joints, wooden jambs, door and window frames, built-in furniture, and wall-to-floor tiles joints, including porous surfaces that do not need a primer


Direction of Use

Step 1 Surface Preparation

Clean all dust, rust, grease, and dirt on the cracked surface or joint.



Step 2 Sealing

Cut the tips of the sealant tube and plastic cap and install the sealant into the gun. Then, squeeze the gun to fill the crack or connection joints with the sealant. At last, clean any excess sealant by gently wiping it with a damp sponge or cloth.

The usage is 280 ml per 2.8 meters (for a gap size of 1x1 cm) and 310 ml per 3.1 meters (for a gap size of 1x1 cm).


  • Store at a dry place with a temperature not exceeding 30℃.
  • This product is suitable for one-time use to ensure the best effectiveness.
  • An unopened product can be stored for up to 12 months from manufacturing.
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