Synotex RoofPaint

Super premium grade 100% acrylic waterborne roof paint | Semi-gloss

Synotex Roof Paint is the no.1 best-selling roof paint from Beger based on Super Color Guard Technology, providing 5 times high quality. It offers vivid color film and long-lasting UV and weathering resistance over 10 years and is certified by the TIS standard. Its colors are the same quality as the leading tile manufacturers, including over 21 colors, Grey R-3011/R-3012, Brown R-3578, Brownish Orange R-3575, Winter Gray R-3021, Midnight Grey R-3016, or High Gloss R-3900. This roof paint is suitable for other surfaces such as fiber cement, the edge of sports floors, or paving blocks.

Product Category: Decorative Paints,Roof Paint and Ceiling Paint
Brand: Synotex
SKU: 1/4 GL., 1 GL., 5 GL.
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No. 1 best-selling roof paint from Beger
Film Type Semi-gloss (also have clear coat shade)
Application Area 35-40 sq.m/gallon/coat
It is available in over 21 colors

  • The same standard colors as leading tile manufacturers
  • 100% acrylic imported from the USA, excellent adhesion power 
  • UV resistance and non-fading over 10 years (Super Color Guard)
  • Water resistance, low dirt pick up
  • Good fungi and algae resistance 
  • No lead and mercury added 
  • Low odor, free from hazardous VOCs

เฉดสี สีทาหลังคาเบเยอร์ Synotex Roofpaint

พื้นที่การใช้งานสีทาหลังคาเบเยอร์ Synotex Roofpaint




Direction of Use

Step 1 Surface Preparation

New Roof :
Measure moisture on the surface which should be less than 14%. Remove all dirt, grease, oil, or any contamination completely by washing the surface with a suitable cleaner.

Old Roof (or Repainting):
Any surface problems should be repaired before applying. Clean the surface after fixing the problems. 

  • Powdery, chalky, and peeling surfaces must be scrubbed and cleaned with water. 
  • Fungus and mildew growth must be cleaned off before applying Beger Mould Free M-001. Left to dry for a day without washing off.
  • For the crack width between 2 - 10 mm., apply with Beger Acrylic Sealant F-100 or replace new roof instead. 

Step 2 Applying Primer

New Roof (Tile):

Apply Beger Pro Quick Primer B-1900 or Super Quick B-2100 for 1 coat. Left to dry for 6 - 8 hrs then coat with the roof paint.

Old Roof (Tile) :
After the surface problems are resolved, apply Apply Beger Pro Quick Primer B-1900 or Super Quick B-2100 for 1 coat. Left to dry for 6 - 8 hrs then coat with the roof paint.

Other Surfaces:

For painting the tennis court, concrete paving block, and cement surface, apply Beger Pro Quick Primer B-1900 or Super Quick B-2100 for 1 coat. Left to dry for 6 - 8 hrs then coat with the roof paint.



You can use our Beger water block primer B-3100 which has the highest moisture resistance of up to 75% for 1 coat. Left to dry for 6 - 8 hrs then coat with the roof paint.


**The primers are ready to use without diluting thinner but they also use Beger Thinner M-15 as 5% for diluting.

Step 3 Painting

Dilute the roof paint with water for 10-15%, then apply 100% acrylic roof paint for 2-3 coats. Be sure to wait about 2-3 hours between coats to give the fresh paint time to dry.

Tips & Solutions

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11 เคล็ดไม่ลับสำหรับการใช้สีในการแต่งบ้าน

แนะนำเคล็ดไม่ลับ สำหรับการใช้ “สี” ในการแต่งบ้าน เพื่อให้ห้องออกมาดูดีที่สุด

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ขั้นตอนทาสีโครงหลังคา ต้องเลือกสีแบบไหน ทายังไงให้แห้งไวทนสนิมได้ดี

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ฟิล์มสีทนทานต่อรังสี UV และสภาพอากาศ สวย ทนทาน มากกว่า 10 ปี


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