BegerCool Flex Shield

High-flexible pure acrylic emulsion paint for exterior and interior | Semi-gloss

The high-elastic property of BegerCool Flex Shield covers hairline cracks on masonry surfaces or pores on lightweight blocks exquisitely, creating flawless walls for you. Ceramic Cooling technology in this premium formula also provides properties such as dirt and waterproof, scrub resistance, antifungal, antirust, UV protection, 10-year protection, etc.

Product Category: Decorative Paints
Brand: BegerCool
SKU: 3.5 L., 9 L.
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Premium grade 100% acrylic emulsion paint 

Film Type Semi-gloss, Elastic

Application Area 35-40 sq.m/gallon/coat

Support color design auto-tinting machine 

  • Energy cost saving up to 25% 
  • Solar heat reflection and insulation more than 94%.
  • Special elastic property covering hairline cracks and pores on surfaces exquisitely.  
  • Colorful and clean homes with Advanced Nano Silicone Technology.
  • Good resistance to dust, stain, and dirt. 
  • Fungus and algae resistance. 
  • No added lead and mercury.


Direction of Use

Step 1 Surface Preparation

New Surface:
The substrate must be completely cured and dried for at least 1 month. Measure moisture which should be less than 14%. Remove all dirt, grease, oil, or any contamination completely by washing the surface with a suitable cleaner.

Old Surface (or Repainting):
Any surface problems should be repaired before applying. Clean the surface after fixing the problems. 

  • Powdery, chalky, and peeling surfaces must be scrubbed and cleaned with water. 
  • Fungus and mildew growth must be cleaned off before applying Beger Mould Free M-001. Left to dry for a day without washing off.
  • For the crack width < 1 mm., apply with Beger Acrylic Filler F-200. 
  • For the crack width between 2 - 10 mm., apply with Beger Acrylic Sealant F-100. 

Step 2 Applying Primer

New Surface:

The substrate must be completely cured and dried for at least 1 month. Measure moisture which should be less than 14%. Apply new surface primer Beger Pro 100 or BegerCool Primer #5000 #6000 for 1 coat. Left to dry for 1 - 2 hrs then coat with interior or exterior paint.

Old Surface:
Apply old surface primer Beger B-1500 B-1700 or B-2500 for 1 coat. Left to dry for 1 - 2 hrs then coat with interior or exterior paint.

Old and New Surface:

For any kind of surface with moisture between 14% - 40% and dry for at least 2 days. Applying Beger water block primer B-3100 - High moisture resistant multipurpose primer 1 coat. Left to dry for 2 hrs.

Step 3 Painting

Apply decorative 100% acrylic paint 2-3 coats. Be sure to wait about 2-3 hours between coats to give the fresh paint time to dry. Leave the paint completely dry overnight.

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Ceramic Cooling Technology

ผสมไมโครสเฟียร์เซรามิก เทคโนโลยี เซรามิกคูลลิ่ง ช่วยสะท้อนและสกัดกั้นความร้อน ได้สูงสุดถึง 97%* *ทดสอบโดยสถาบันด้านแสงและความร้อน ประเทศสิงคโปร์


No Mucury No Lead Added

ไม่ผสมสารปรอท และสารตะกั่ว



มอบความทนทานให้พื้นผิวในทุกสภาวะ ไม่ว่าจะเป็น ฝน ความชื้น หรือแสงแดดที่มีรังสี UV ตัวการสำคัญที่ทำให้พื้นผิวเสื่อมสภาพ






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