Beger and Arch CU Entertainment: sharing paint, sharing creativity

Beger Be Happy by Beger, the innovative paint for everyone, is back in 2023 to support #ArchNutcracker from the 63rd Arch CU Entertainment, a creative show organized by the faculty of architecture at Chulalongkorn University.

Ms. Amornrat Chaiyotburana, Assistant Vice President of Beger, said: “Beger always prioritizes its vision of supporting paints for creative activities. This year marks the 9th of our Beger Be Happy project, and our first collaboration of the year is with Arch CU Entertainment. Beger believes this showcase expresses cooperation, creativity, and spreading smiles and happiness to their audiences, so we are pleased to support students in applying their knowledge to create scenes or decorations for the show”.

Beger paints are used to embellish the complicated and vivid scenes of The Nutcracker: A Christmas Dream, about a  journey to the magical land of Christmas. The unexpected events will take the audience on an adventure together. The shows are open for ticket sales until January 15, 2566, at Chulalongkorn Auditorium.





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