3 Tips to Stop Global Warming, Let's Be the Hero for the World!


“Global Warming” is a cliché word, and everybody well knows its impacts on the world, like ice melt, sea level rise, high temperature, and animal extinction. If you think this problem seems to not relate to us, you are wrong.

Nowadays, global warming increases the temperature gradually, leading to inclement weather and heat stroke in humans and pets. These signs mean global warming is close to you like an inch.

Global warming occurs from greenhouse gas emissions from industrial factories, transportation, or even waste from all of us. If we neglect this issue, the world be damaged continuously. So, let's be the hero to save the world with easy tips from BegerCool. 


1. Reduce plastic use

วิธีหยุดโลกร้อนง่าย ๆ ด้วยตัวเรา ด้วยการลดใช้พลาสติก

According to statistical data from environmental academicians, it has shown that Thais use 3 pieces of plastic per person which means 50 million Thais (15-64 years) use 5 billion pieces of plastic. All those plastics can be eliminated or recycled in only 25%, and over 75% or around 37 billion pieces of plastic are left. This data focuses only on Thailand, so it cannot imagine the high amount of waste generated worldwide.

Due to plastic decomposition, greenhouse gases like methane are released into the atmosphere. Therefore, using cloth bags or bio-based compostable bags instead of plastic bags can contribute to helping the world.


2. Plant a tree

วิธีหยุดโลกร้อนง่าย ๆ ด้วยตัวเรา ด้วยการปลูกต้นไม้เพิ่ม

Everybody may know that a tree absorbs carbon dioxide, causing the greenhouse effect, to photosynthesize. So, planting more trees damaged by nature and human activity can solve the problem effectively. However, if you stay in a condominium or home without a courtyard, you can still participate in the planting activities organized by an organization or foundation.


3. Choose eco-friendly products



Eco-friendly products are easy to find and have different types, including reusable products like cloth bags, glass jars, and stainless water bottles, or bio-based products like plant-based or wood-based stuff. Moreover, home paints are eco-friendly, contributing positively to the world, especially BegerCool.

เบเยอร์คูล สีทาบ้าน หยุดโลกร้อน


BegerCool focus on the environment from the first step to the last, so our paint production releases near zero waste and use bio-based composites. Due to effective technologies, our paint also provides good properties, like heat block and reflection, decreasing the temperature on the wall, cooling your home, and stopping an urban heat island.

In addition, our paint is certified by environmental institutes such as LEED, carbon label, and Thai green label, ensuring that you are responsible and not causing harm to the world.


คุณสมบัติสีรักโลก สีเบเยอร์คูล หยุดโลกร้อน

เบเยอร์คูล ไดมอนด์ชิลด์ 15 สีรักษ์โลก หยุดโลกร้อน

เบเยอร์คูล ไดมอนด์ชิลด์ พลัส สีรักษ์โลก หยุดโลกร้อน

If everybody continuously neglects this world, the temperature will rise, and the severity of disasters will increase. Perhaps, global flooding may no longer be just a fictional film anymore.


Last but not least, BegerCool provides an easy activity for you, and the winner will receive a cool eco-friendly tote bag. Follow us on our Facebook page below.


Thank you for the information from NASA and Thailand Environmental Institute

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