Use & Share Griptech Activity to Win Prizes with a Total of 10,000 Baht 2nd

กิจกรรม กริปเทค รีวิวลุ้นรางวัล


To thank our BegerShield Griptech 2 In 1 reviewer for their warm welcome, we hold a use & share activity where you can win prizes such as GRIPTECH t-shirts and Gift Vouchers - with a total value of over 6,000 baht. Don't miss your chance to participate!


Activity Steps

1. Go to the activity post on the Facebook page ช่างสีเบเยอร์.

2. Put an image or video of using BegerShield Griptech 2 In 1 under the activity post, and leave a comment about what you like about Griptech with the tag #กริปเทคสีทาเหล็กตระกูลเบเยอร์ #กริปเทค2in1.

3. Share the activity post public to your Facebook page with the tag #กริปเทคสีทาเหล็กตระกูลเบเยอร์ #กริปเทค2in1.

4. Read about the terms and conditions of the activity

5. Get prizes from Beger if your image, video, and comment impress us!

The terms and conditions of the Griptech activity

  1. Only those who share the activity post publicly and make all rules completely.
  2. The prizes include 20 GRIPTECH t-shirts with a total value of 3,980 baht and 10 gift vouchers valued at 2,000 THB. The prize cannot be transferred to another person or exchanged for cash. We reserve the right to change the conditions or rewards without prior notice.
  3. The activity started on 1 July - 30 September 2023, and the result will be announced on the Facebook page ช่างสีเบเยอร์ (Beger Painter) by 15 October 2023.
  4. After the announcement of the results, the winners must contact the Facebook page ช่างสีเบเยอร์ to confirm their identities and provide their addresses within 7 days. Otherwise, the prizes shall be forfeited.
  5. Beger will deliver the prizes within 7-14 office days after the confirmation.
  6. The decision of the Beger team is final.
  7. Any images, text, or videos submitted to this activity are deemed to be the property of Beger Co., Ltd., and our team reserves the right to modify, edit, and publish them publicly for promotional purposes without prior notice.

The collection and use of personal information for this activity follow the Privacy Policy of Beger Co., Ltd. You can read more about it at By participating in this activity, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information.

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