Beger Color BeYours Trends 2021

2021 comes with unexpected changes, including people and residences. This year, Beger Color BeYours will provide colors that help you explore extra soothing and can apply to every area and function. In the theme of Color Pulses, let's experience Serene Mellow, Mingle Heaven, and Novelty Signature!

Serene MellowMingle HeavenNovelty Signature



Serene Mellow 

Comfort | Earthy | Calmness - Natural colors inspired by ground, minerals, and stones help to relieve your mind from the boundless changes of last year. With these colors such as beige, yellow, orange, brown, and red, it will send a soothing mind forward to everyone.

Mingle Heaven 

Cozy | Harmony | Productivity - The relationship between people and residences inspires us to create colors that can apply to every room. Colors that look cozy and comfortable such as grey, blue, light green, and dark blue, will merge everything in your room harmoniously.

Novelty Signature 

Genuine | Variety | Identity - The new story of the new world creates colors of identity, inspiring to discover and combine the beauty of old and new days between natural and cultural things to be various colors such as grey, pink, purple, green, or black.

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